Chromatic Skies

Concordant Sounds

On a Monday

Sea Sounds for Paola Paoletti

For a Balcony Scene

Decimal Music

To Start with The End at The Beginning

Vanishing Points

Seventeen Nineteen

White Sky

Horizontal Music

Something in F

Counting to Sixty


Something Else, in D

Over the Moon

Ninna Nanna for Gabriele

October Music

Thinking of Sol LeWitt

Sunny Intervals

Parallel Motion


Sunlight Through the Trees (In Punta Ala)

Four Simple Chords

Remembering Walter Di Salvo

Left & Right Pt. 1

Left & Right Pt. 2 (for Iacopo Battaglini)

Left & Right Pt. 3

Daisy Days

Starlight On Night Waters

In Simple Time

Little Waves for Sabine Hossenfelder

Waiting for the Green Line