Circular Music

Afternoon Tea in Valentines Park

The Non-Reflective Mirror

Mimetic Abstract No. 9

Pictures of Nothing Part One

Pictures of Nothing Part two

Behind the Heath, Towards the South

The Mermaid of Punta Ala

Bending Over Backwards

Miscellaneous Four

The Architecture of Being

Drone Music (In Memory of a Bee)

A Hundred and Two Steps to the Sea

'Sunrise' (On the Water) for Mick Softley

A Running Start at Silverstone

The Meaning of Life Is... Life (For Richard Dawkins)

Elegy (For Albina)

Only Birds in the Sky

Nice Breeze Isn't it ?

The Dream Machine

I Do, Do You?


A Little French

Piano Piece for Pattie orlandini

I Sometimes call Them Too

For Paola

SHH! It's Beginning

A Hundred and two Happy Memories

A Puddle

Looking Up



Meditation One (for Dennis Hartley)

Meditation Two (for Dennis Hartley)

Meditation Three (For Dennis Hartley)

Meditation Four (for Dennis Hartley)

To The Right The enemy, To the Left the Sea

The Turquoise Lake of Light, Lago dell'Accesa

November Music

In The Pieve a Settimo

Fragments of a Waltz

Into the Blue (For Yves Klein)

Memories of Significant moments