A Hundred and Two Moments of Reflection

Slow Movements II.

A Hundred and Two Ways to Go

Functional Music (Happy End)

A Hundred and Two Balloons Floating Upward

Elbe Music (for The Man Outside)

For Ute Schröder

Art Music (For the Information Tango)

Even Stones, Pt. 1

Even Stones, Pt. 2

Even Stones, Pt. 3

Lalullaby for Esmé

It Sounds Nice but What Does It Mean?



Piece B (for "The Man Outside")

Forgotten One

The Search for the Romitorio Di Santa Petronilla

Forgotten Two

Forgotten Three


The Deep Blue Museum of Portus Scabris


Music for Nothing Pt. One

A Handful of Notes for Guido of Arezzo

Slow Movements III.

The End of the Line

Lullaby for Erik Satie

What Else, Nothing Else

A New Silence in the Cities


Another Day

The Human Eyelid Is Not Teartight

Lucifer's Song (A Passacaglia in Memory of Denys Irving)

'Moonset' (On the Water) for Mick Softley

Slow Movements VIII.

Sunch Agoo

Lullaby for Nina

Moody Blue Bells

Free Will for Alessandria Di Nardo