A Waste of Time

Back in the Air

Accentuated Music

Non-Fungible Octaves

Meetings with Sabina D'Orazi

Empathy (For the People of Ukraine)

The Reflective Tree of Hollow Ponds

Scarlino Castle

Miscellaneous Twelve

Ravishing Rohana (For Rohana Hayes)

Miscellaneous Three

Luscious Laurence (For Laurence Crane)

Page One

Donadoni, Running at Defenders Pt. 3

Last Time Only

The View from Buriano Castle

From the Top Again

'Soundwave' (A Melody) for Bridget Riley


Forty One Shiny Blue Shapes

In Stereo

'Retrospective' for Alimondo Ciampi

Music for Nothing, Pt. Two

A Lake

Piece A (for The Man Outside)

In Memory of a Bird

Beckmann's Song (for The Man Outside)

Piece C (for The Man Outside)

The Red House

Cardboard Pyramid

December Music (Like Footprints in Snow)

'Private View' For Caterina

Gorgeous Gabi (For Gabi Manzi), Pt. 1

Gorgeous Gabi (For Gabi Manzi), Pt. 2

Unknown Music (For Paola Paoletti)

Ace Looks a Diamond (For Dad)

Another Massive Blow for Gaskin (For Dad)

Glenberg Whisper Runs a Screamer (For Dad)

PR Paula (For Mark Pavey)

Rollocks (For Ros Bailey)

Five Painters: For Roger Hilton

Five Painters: For Rose Hilton

Five Painters: For Gillian Ayres

Five Painters: For Patrick Heron

Five Painters: For Howard Hodgkin