Purple Dream in D

White Noise

Stems-and-Branches for paola Paoletti

Over Half Empty

One Equals One

Sunset Over Monte Cascioli

What's Left, For Solo Piano Pt. 1

What's Left, For Solo Piano Pt. 2

What's Left, For Solo Piano Pt. 3

What's Left, For Solo Piano Pt. 4

Romantic Lullaby

Once in a Blue Moonlight

Oh! Les Beaux Jours - For Michela Landi

That's How They Used to Laugh at You

Are You Dreaming Now?

On Sunday

Waiting and Hoping

Echo Chamber Music

Looking Back

Joyful Silence in the Convent of Via dei Bruni

Stop all the Clocks, For David Rackham

Moving Music, for Mum

Unintended Consequences

Wistful Music

The Wrong Note

Melancholy Music (December 2020)


Miscellaneous One

Sympathetic Resonance for Gemma Donati

Piece for Alessandro

Making a Hole in the Water

Two Hundred Seconds

Miscellaneous Two


A room Full of Dreams, for Paola Paoletti

The Centre of Narrative Gravity

From None To One

The Last Note

Cloudy Days With Silver Linings

Where's One?

Hills in the Rain

The Process of the Process (For Robert Ryman)

Filtristic Music for daniela Corsini

August 1993

With Sunny Spells

The Leap!

For Mirella

Prelude in F Major

Little By Little (Or, the Calmative)

On Saturday

Angles for Angels for Brian R. Banks