The Calling of Mrs O'Connor


A Sea




Mattutino Fiorentino I.

Lullaby for Luca

A Hundred and Two Words of Affection

Forgotten Three, Variation Three

The Climb to Castellaccio Di Prile

Miscellaneous Five

Molly McGredy (Floribunda)

I Was the Listener, Pt. 2

Easy Listening Part 4

I Was the Listener, Pt. 3

Donadoni, Running at Defenders Pt. 2

Talking in a Minefield (A Waltz)

D. H. Lawrence in Scandicci

The Bell Tower of San Giovanni Battista

A Raindrop

The Conspiracy of Silence

The Last House of Italo Calvino

A Pond

San Guglielmo Di Malavalle (Chivalry & Spirituality)

One Equals Sixty (With Fairly Functional Harmony)

Slow Movements VI.

Slow Movements VII.

An Icicle

Forgotten Three, Variation Two

Piove Gatti e Cani

Forgotten Three, Variation One


A Hundred and Two Pleasant Surprises

Cauliflower Cheese, Pt. 1

Cauliflower Cheese, Pt. 2

Cauliflower Cheese, Pt. 3

Call it How it Was

Lullaby for Camilla

A Hundred and Two Good Ideas

Miscellaneous Thirteen

Miscellaneous Nine

Miscellaneous Eleven

Miscellaneous Eight

Miscellaneous Ten