Incidental Continuum

Which Way is Up? Part One


A New Dawn (A Lullaby)

Dodecaphony (In Memory of Lygia Pape)

Sfoggiando Albertina

On Crystal Toes (A Passacaglia)

Letter To P

Miscellaneous Seven

Future Memory

Another What?

To Fill a Hole in Time

Turbulent Times, Pt. 1


Easy Listening Part 1

I Was the Listener, Pt. 1

Lullaby for Juniper

Which Ever Way Your Nose Bends

Done and Dusted



Vertical Sunset

With or Without, Pt. 1

Call It What You Will

Common Lines for Sjón

Farewell Music (For Pattie)

Slipbeats (In Memory of Moondog)

Five Times Five


Quietism (Mindful Music)

One Hundred Thousand Silver Boxes

Piece D (for "The Man Outside")

Slow Movements V.

Lullaby for Zoe-Renee

Double Bind

Still Beginning, Never Ending Part 3

For Dr. Caterina Miniati

Still Beginning, Never Ending Part 2

Dream Music (for "The Man Outside")

Absolute Zero

Small Blue Pot


Call It How It Is

Still Beginning, Never Ending Part 1

Epilogue (for "The Man Outside")

Another Piano Piece