Into the Blue (For Yves Klein)

Simon Rackham

‘Into the Blue’ is created out of two main elements; the first comprises a soundscape of four harmonium notes (spread over four octaves) and a very low organ note all playing a C. From these sustained notes I recorded a long, very quiet overlapping soundscape with each note gradually entering and disappearing. A similar technique to that I used in the construction of my album ‘Harmonium Music, A Soundscape for Empty Churches’ released in 2012, and a nod of appreciation to Klein’s ‘Monotone-Silence Symphony’. The second element is a quiet piano music composed with the scale of C minor. As in my 2019 piece ‘Waves’ there is no direct repetition, and the music is intended to somehow float in the ‘soundscape’ without a constant pulse, to achieve a sense of the immaterial that Klein was looking for as in his celebrated 1960 photo ‘Leap into the Void’.

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