In Different Times

Simon Rackham

‘In Different Times’ was composed for solo piano in October 2020. Throughout the piece both hands are playing in different times, 5 against 4, 3 against 4, and then 2 against 3. ‘For Mirella’ was composed in remembrance of Mirella Mecocci, my mother in law. ‘On Saturday’ and ‘On Sunday’ were composed in November 2020 for solo piano. 'Filtristic Music, for Daniela Corsini' was composed in November 2020 and is dedicated to the Italian digital artist and founder of ‘Filtrismo’. Her work can be seen at ‘Sunset Over Monte Cascioli’ for solo piano is composed using the diatonic scale of A flat major, with the right hand moving gradually step by step down the scale and the left hand gradually up the scale. Monte Cascioli is a medieval castle in Scandicci, Italy. ‘November Music’ was composed in late November for solo piano.

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