One Equals One

Simon Rackham

‘One Equals One’ comprises two pieces for solo piano composed in the summer of 2020 with both pieces addressing the use of seconds, and both lasting the same time. The first piece is composed with one bar of music lasting one second, and the pulse is constantly present, though the bar may be divided in to one, two or three notes per second. The music is written diatonically but with an unusual scale of B, C sharp, D sharp, E, F, G, and A. The second piece ‘One Equals Sixty’ is composed with a beat of one second per note (60 BPM metronome marking), but the beat is not always audibly present which gives more sense of uncertainty about time. The piece has the subtitle ‘With Fairly Functional Harmony’, as although the piece is composed using a standard E flat major diatonic scale, I have (very unusually for me) used conventional chord progressions, though standard modulation into other keys doesn’t occur.

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