Simon Rackham

Music for solo piano composed in December 2020 and early January 2021. ‘In The Pieve a Settimo,’ was composed in December in celebration of a nice little church in Scandicci, Italy. Dedicated to San Giuliano, it is the oldest church in the Scandicci area going back to 866. ‘Shadows,’ was composed in early January. ‘Stop All The Clocks, for David Rackham,’ was composed in December after hearing news of the death of my father. ‘Fragments of a Waltz,’ was composed in early January, after watching the annual New Year’s Day concert from Vienna. The music evolves gradually by adding notes until the whole waltz is heard, and then notes are gradually subtracted. ‘Memories of Significant Moments,’ was composed in January while contemplating all the small moments in life that remain important in the memory. ‘Moving Music for Mum,’ was composed in January as a cheerful little piece dedicated to my mum. ‘Melancholy Music (December 2020),’ was composed in December, and is also related to the death of my father. The piece is different from most of my other music in being freely chromatic.

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