Simon Rackham

Which Way Is Up?

by Simon Rackham

Released 2012
Released 2012
An album of new piano music (from one hand to six hands). Featuring the first arrangement for solo piano of Steve Reich’s ‘Clapping Music’, sanctioned by the composer with permission from the publisher ‘Universal Editions’ (London).
‘Which way is up?’ was composed in 2007 for three pianos. Parts 3 & 4 are both canons.‘Clapping Music’* by Steve Reich was composed in 1972 (for two performers clapping). This arrangement for solo piano has been sanctioned by the composer, and permission granted by the publisher ‘Universal Edition’ (London). After completing the arrangement of ‘Clapping Music’, I thought of writing a piece utilising the silences in that work, hence the title 'The Space Between'. ‘Forty one shiny blue shapes’ (for piano one hand) and ‘December Music’ (for solo piano) were written in 2011. ‘In Stereo’ (for Hilda Arajs) was composed in 2012 for two pianos, it's a canon with the second piano behind the first by one bar, and is recorded with accentuated stereo.
© Copyright 1972 by Universal Edition (London) Ltd., London.
Arrangement for solo piano © Copyright 2012 by Universal Edition (London) Ltd., London