Simon Rackham


by Simon Rackham

Released 2012
Released 2012
A seventy one minute single melodic line for solo piano, without harmony and playable with one hand.
‘Tune’ was composed in the early nineties at a time when the CD was becoming more and more ubiquitous, making the production of longer works (up to eighty minutes) without breaks possible. It was the first of several long works I’ve written for solo piano, electric piano or multiple pianos. It is one long single melodic line of music with no harmony, playable with one hand. It is dedicated to the composer Laurence Crane and features a brief quote from one of his early piano pieces. ‘Tune’ also exists as a one off sculpture. A long continuous line of music rolled up and placed in a box. A nod in the direction of Piero Manzoni’s line works.