Simon Rackham


by Simon Rackham

Released 2017
Released 2017
A selection of piano music from 1991 to 2017
The two pieces 'Page One' and 'Page Two' were both composed on 4th April 2000, and the score of each piece is one page long. A great deal of freedom is given to the discretion of the performer as to how the music is presented. 'Slipbeats (in Memory of Moondog)' was composed in early 2017 for piano three hands and bass drum. Moondog (1916 - 1999) invariably used percussion in his music and often played the bass drum in performances. I was lucky enough to see Moondog perform live twice when he visited England in 1995. The term slipbeats refers to the notes that shift between the on beat and the off beat in this piece. 'Done And Dusted' was composed in 2000. 'Hushaby' was composed in 2001. 'From None to One' was composed in 2003. 'Spike' was composed in 1993, and is unusual for me in the use of dissonance which is created by the overlapping of the right hand playing in C major with the left hand playing in B Major.
'The Conspiracy of Silence' was composed in 1991 for piano four hands.