Simon Rackham

Random Play Music

by Simon Rackham

Released 2016
Released 2016
Ninety nine tiny pieces for solo piano, composed in 2011 to be played in a random order.
'Random Play Music' was composed in 2011 for solo piano.
The idea was to write 100 small pieces and use the random play feature or shuffle button available on most CD players to randomise the order.
When I'd finished the pieces and went to put them on a CD, I discovered that a CD will only accept 99 tracks, so I 'randomly' omitted one.
The music is presented as tracks 1 to 99 but that is not the order they were composed in as I also shuffled the numbering.
Personally I have never liked the idea of random listening to album tracks, as I believe that usually people who release a CD give careful consideration to the order that pieces are presented in, but I thought that as the random shuffle button exists I may as well utilise its organisational potential, and make that a proactive creative choice not a lazy one.
This randomising aspect should also be used if the pieces are performed live, with the pages being shuffled before any performance.