Simon Rackham

Quietism (Mindful Music)

by Simon Rackham

Released 2017
Released 2017
Seventy four minutes of meditative music composed for piano three hands.
Quietism (Mindful Music) was composed in the summer of 2017 for piano three hands.
The dictionary gives two definitions for Quietism, one as a particular philosophic term, and the second as a term referring to historical Christian mysticism. My use of the word stems more from the second usage but specifically in relation to the work of Samuel Beckett, as demonstrated in the research of Andy Wimbush.
Several people have told me that various pieces of mine would be suitable as background music for meditation, (and Google, for some reason probably only understood by its algorithm lists my music as 'New age instrumental' though I would never make such a claim myself). With that in mind I decided to write a piece suitable for a meditative moment.