Simon Rackham

Multicoloured Music

by Simon Rackham

Released 2013
Released 2013
Three diverse pieces utilizing various compositional structures and ideas of how to manipulate musical form.
‘Multicoloured Music’ was composed in 2013 in conjunction with a painting I was making, comprising of nine small canvases. The music is scored for three pianos and each colour in the painting corresponds to a note. Dark blue is played by a C, light blue is a G, orange is B flat etc. The music goes through the same colour sequence as the painting but on reaching the end I turn the painting on its side which rearranges the music. I turn the painting around four times which brings us back to the original arrangement of notes.
‘Aggregate Sound’, is also composed for three pianos and is a lopsided canon. The second piano plays the same music but is behind the first by fifteen and a half bars. The third piano is behind by forty three bars.
‘Unnamable’ was composed in the early 1990’s and is for solo piano and strings. The strings play the same material as the piano but sustain the notes as they inevitably die away, acting like the memory of the sounds until a new note plays.
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