Simon Rackham


by Simon Rackham

Released 2017
Released 2017
A compilation album of lullabies (for piano) with two newly composed ones.
‘Lullabies’ is a collection of pieces written to celebrate the birth of various friend’s babies, with a few extra pieces (but still with the intention of provoking sleep). The second piece was written for a girl called ‘Aurora’ which translates as dawn. 'Romantic Lullaby' was composed in 2011 and is dedicated to my wife, (and is 'romantic' in the sense that it uses a wider chromatic range than most of my music). 'Room full of dreams' for Paola Paoletti, is also dedicated to my wife, but was written to be played to her class of three year old children while they took an afternoon nap. ‘Lullaby for Mia’ and ‘Lullaby for Erik Satie’ were both composed in January 2017, and are released here for the first time. Tracks 1. 5. 6. and 8. are composed for piano 3 hands. Thank you to Naomi Zack for the suggestion of collecting all my lullabies together and releasing this album.