Simon Rackham

Five Times Five

by Simon Rackham

Released 2017
Released 2017
Five Pianos playing together in five different time signatures, and recorded in accentuated stereo.
Five Times Five was composed in the spring of 2017 for five pianos. There are two main elements to the piece; first, that each piano plays in a different time signature, and second, that it is written to be recorded in a wide stereo layout. Piano 5 (playing in 5/4) sounds on the far left, piano 4 (playing in 4/4) sounds slightly left, piano 3 (playing in 7/4, and the only one with the pedal held down throughout) is in the centre, piano 2 (playing in 6/4) sounds slightly right and piano 1 (playing in 3/4) sounds on the far right of the sound spectrum.