Simon Rackham

Dodecaphony (In Memory of Lygia Pape)

by Simon Rackham

Released 2016
Released 2016
Seventy One minutes of largely consonant music composed within a dodecaphonic system for solo piano.
'Dodecaphony' was composed in the spring of 2016 for solo piano.
Most of my music since 1987 has been mainly diatonic, but I decided to write a Twelve-tone piece to explore a different sound world. Twelve-tone music is generally synonymous with dissonance, but I have tried to stress the possibilities of consonance.
Whilst writing I had the work 'Livro do Tempo' (The Book of Time) made in 1961-63 by the Brazilian artist Lygia Pape very much in my mind. This beautiful work comprising of 365 small panels in primary colours, plus black and white demonstrates the almost infinite possibilities of expression within very tightly delineated perimeters. Writing using a Twelve-tone system offers such a way of combining and recombining the same elements, with notes instead of colours. The work is dedicated to the memory of Lygia Pape (1927-2004).