Simon Rackham

Arpicembalo Music (for Bartolomeo Cristofori)

by Simon Rackham

Released 2012
Released 2012
A piece using all 88 notes of the piano, dedicated to the original inventor of the instrument, Bartolomeo Cristofori.
Arpicembalo is the name that Bartolomeo Cristofori wanted his newly invented instrument to be called when he made it in Florence around 1700. Nowadays it's more commonly known as the piano.
I wanted to write a piece that used all 88 notes of the modern piano. To do this it seemed the most ergonomic and elegant way would be to utilize the 'cycle of fifths'. The music (though for solo piano) was composed as if for two pianos, with the cycle of fifths used as a kind of canon between the two. When scored for solo piano the structure is not obviously visible anymore but the sound is the same.