Simon Rackham

An Anthology of Occasional Pieces, Pt. Six

by Simon Rackham

Released 2018
Released 2018
A selection of music for solo piano (and piano three hands) with pieces from 1988 to 2018.
An Anthology of Occasional Pieces, Pt Six, (the final CD in this series), contains recent music interspersed with some much older pieces.
'The Centre of Narrative Gravity', was composed in 1992. 'Morsel', was composed in 1993. 'A Running Start at Silverstone', (composed in early 1989) and 'The Daughter of a Competitor at Goodwood', (composed in late 1988) are both from 'Motors, The Golden Picture Book' and were first performed by Helen Ottaway. 'Molly McGredy (Floribunda)' was composed in 1988 and premiered by Helen Ottaway in a '3 or 4 Composers' concert at the I.C.A. in London. 'Hills in the Rain', 'From The Top Again' (for piano, 3 hands), 'Reflections' and 'Minimized' (for piano, 3 hands) were all composed in the autumn of 2018. All of the music was made using the 'Finale' music notation program, then a midi file from there was played through the Virtual Grand Piano program 'Pianissimo' for the recordings.