Simon Rackham

An Anthology of Occasional Pieces (Part One)

by Simon Rackham

Released 2014
Released 2014
Fourteen relatively short works for piano (and piano three hands) mainly composed in the early 1990’s.
‘An Anthology of Occasional Pieces (Part One)’ comprises various works for solo piano. Most of the works were written in the early 1990’s except tracks 3, 4, 10 and 13 which were composed more recently. Tracks 10 and 13 are composed for piano three hands.
‘Little by Little (or, The Calmative)’ is a nod of acknowledgement to Samuel Beckett whose works I appreciate greatly, (the title of the album itself also contains a reference to Beckett in his use of the term ‘Occasional Pieces’). ‘The Meaning of Life is…Life (For Richard Dawkins)’ is dedicated to the evolutionary biologist, and from a very simple beginning the music gradually becomes more complex. This CD is the first of a possible series.